Gorgeous but Surprisingly Relaxing Moments behind Elegant Sail-Shaped Silhouette


Standing on a small artificial island approximately 300 meters from a beach along the Persian Gulf, is one of the most luxury hotels in the world, Burj Al Arab, which was honored with the highest grade by the government of Dubai. It opened in 1999 before Dubai grabbed the word’s attention as one of the most rapidly growing urban centers in the world. It has become a landmark of Dubai, symbolizing its prosperity as a result of the astonishing economic development in the last decades.
The hotel offers a picturesque sight with the distinctive traditional white Arabian sail-shaped silhouette in stark contrast to the blue ocean and sky. It is one of the highest buildings in the world (as high as Tokyo Tower), and gives visitors an image of a sailing boat floating on the sea when they look it from a far distance. The elegant structure standing quietly on the beach offers visitors surprisingly relaxing moments filled with warmth.

In close proximity, visitors are just stunned by the height and size of the building.
Entering the building offers another wonderful experience. Its graceful and delicate appearance of the exterior suddenly vanishes, and then a visitor is immersed into a gorgeous and brilliant atmosphere - a rhythmic utterance of water from a huge dazzling fountain; the quiet entrance decorated with a palette of blue, orange and gold; and the spacious ceiling extending to the top level.
Burj Al Arab offers suite-only accommodations. Decorated with gorgeous, elegant furnishings complemented by world’s most expensive brand amenities, and expressing its unfailing attention to each and every detail, all split level suites have an exclusively opulent feel.
Perfect security inside the premise and added services, such as assistance at elevators, a concierge on every floor who never fails to meet all the requests from guests with a smile, are all approached with eyes on unparalleled attention to a true luxury moment shared by all guests.

Greatest Luxury of Doing Nothing


The interior is summarized in a word, 'gorgeous'. All the facilities and amenities are exclusively used for guests, ensuring a quiet space.
Travelling provides a useful tool to escape the humdrum of everyday life, but everyone may be outfitted with different - wings - to set him/her free. Some favor visiting unfamiliar places and enjoy exchanges with local people, but others love having extra time in a gorgeous atmosphere - a completely different experience from a daily life.
Surrounded by an array of the first class furnishings in an exclusive space and services, simply opening the window, you will command a view of an ocean of blue skies, enjoying seeing two blues, sky blue and ocean blue, that melt into the horizon. Just standing there, doing nothing - the ultimate luxurious moment in life.
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