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Dinning in one of Kaiseki traditional restaurants seems to have a sobering effect even on any food connoisseurs who casually wine and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. It is a special experience and total immersion in Japanese culture where you feel overwhelmed by the mixture of more than a thousand years of old traditions and strict formalities observed by those restaurants. It would be a natural representation of your respect toward the ultimate dining experience.
Kyoto Kitcho is one of such renowned Japanese traditional Kaiseki cuisine restaurants. It was founded by Teiichi Yuki in Osaka before the war in 1930. Kaiseki had its origins as an accompaniment to the Japanese tea ceremony. Yuki reinvented the classic dishes of Kaiseki without deviating from the history of and tradition of the tea ceremony. Everything you experience in Kitcho―its artistic cuisine that celebrates the seasons; the serving dishes that matches the time and the occasion; and the room decor in a traditional setting―culminates to the Japanese art that are deeply rooted in the tea ceremony. It’s no wonder Kitcho was chosen as a venue for entertaining the world leaders when Japan hosted summit meetings, an example that demonstrated Kitcho’s outstanding excellence compared to other famous traditional restaurants.

Enter through the gate expressing subtle, simple taste but solemn dignity and pass into a realm of aesthetic beauty that you can strongly sense behind it.
The tea ceremony is usually associated with difficult rules and strict manners. But it is just part of promises between the host and the guests to understand the spirit of the ceremony. In the serving of the tea, the host and different guests on different time and occasion gather to share the moment which is never repeated, creating a microcosm in a small tea room. To cherish and make their once-in-a-lifetime encounter important, the host prepares with deep sincerity implements in the room and pay utmost attention to everything from the way to welcome guests to the way to bid farewell to them.
This is true of Kyoto Kitcho. It attracts their guests because they approach them with sincere manner. Using only the selected seasonal ingredients, the chefs at Kitcho find the optimal way to prepare or cook each so as to draw out the best flavor. From innovative cooking techniques (precooking, cutting, mixing, steaming, and baking) to artistic serving techniques, Kitcho attentively serve the guests until the very moment when each dish is presented before their guests. It is with its sincere manner that the guests can savor the precious moment to the fullest extent.
Kitcho only serves ingredients that can satiate the palate of the loyal patrons. They are carefully selected by the chefs―even a grain of rice―with a clearly practiced eye and palate. Local farmers sometimes refuse to supply ingredients to Kitcho, saying “They aren’t acceptable to Kitcho.” Using only fresh, natural, local ingredients, Kitcho stands at the top of Japanese restaurants. But its approach is simple. How can the chefs draw the best flavor of these ingredients? How can they cook to best serve the dishes? It must be a serious business. But this is not a special thing but a simple daily task for any professional Kitcho chef.
茶懐石──茶道と聞けば、多くの人は難しい作法やしきたりを連想する。だがそれは茶の精神を汲み取り味わうための、ほんの少しの決めごとに過ぎない。 その日その時、その場所に集った面々が、一椀の茶を通じて時空を共有する。そのとき、小さな茶室は宇宙となり、そのひとときは二度と戻らぬ永遠の一瞬となる。だからこそ茶席の主人はその場の設えから気を配り、客人の来訪から辞去までのすべてに思いを致す。

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向府 蟹吹寄

椀 鱧 松茸 三度豆 梅肉 振柚

造里 鯛鹿の子造里

造里 烏賊 とろ

箸休め 丸小茶碗



焼物 九絵塩焼 栗 四角豆天麩羅 酢だち

焚合 飛頭龍 南京 里芋 なた豆

御飯 松茸御飯 鶏 (白御飯)   香物 梅蕪 壬生菜 柴漬

果物 メロン ピオーネ 無花果 梨

菓子 栗金団

菓子 みなくるみ
(献立 平成25年10月22日)
Most of you spend every day life as usual. You work, eat, think, and sleep in a way that you are accustomed to, and take it for granted that tomorrow would be the same. But, once you change your perspective, you will notice that everything―familiar scenery from your commuter train and every meal you take―is not same although it looks the same as ever. You will also realize that you are not as same as you were yesterday. Everything keeps changing.
This is the ultimate experience for food owners who want to explore the thrill of an extreme track experience that include steering and shift knob feels. The company has exhibited a perfect synthesis of performance and aesthetics by blending customer’s satisfaction and its state-of-the-art technology, demonstrating an ideal craftsmanship that is based on mutual trust between food owners and Pagani.
Then, mundane daily lives suddenly change. You will find your own “canvas”, which had been tinged with simple gray, gradually being painted with various colors. In the way that a jet-black lacquered table is being arranged with colorfully decorated dishes, your new-found glow will help you to radiate and shine, filling your heart with joys and happiness.
Special Thanks : KYOTO KITCHO tel.+81-75-881-1101
故 湯木貞一氏が創業した「吉兆」は現在4つのグループに分かれている。京都吉兆は嵐山に本店を置き、茶懐石の伝統を色濃く映した旬の料理でもてなしてくれる。料理のみならず器にも並々ならぬ心を配り、雅やかな魯山人の作品や優雅なバカラのグラスなどが、さりげなく用いられている。
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