Recall Memories as Young Boy Whose Dream Has Become Music, Travelled around World


Many people - whether you are a man or a woman - more or less become fascinated with music when they are young. That happens all over the world, including Japan. Attachment to music seems to start at around 15 years old. A young boy began flying the nest protected by their parents while gradually developing his own esteem. It was also when he was faced with the inconsistencies of this world and felt strong resentment against contradictions. His pure sentiment and powerful energy found no way around to release his stress because he lacked knowledge and experience to use them, instead goes straight to the music - rock-n-roll - that makes him pick up a guitar for the first time.
He wanted the Gibson Les Paul, the best-known electric guitar with deep sound that drives out all his complaints. The Fender Stratocaster, another model of electric guitar, was not a bad choice. He could afford a Japanese or Mexican model of a Stratocaster, but could not give up that deep, rich Les Paul sound. Japanese-made Les Paul copies will do since they are more reasonable than American-made “real” ones. Then, he scraped up money from part-time work to pick up his first electric guitar.
理想はレスポールだ。あの分厚い音があれば、どんな不平不満もふっ飛ばせる。…ストラトキャスターも悪くない。日本製やメキシコ製のものなら、手の届かない価格ではない。…でも、やっぱりレスポールの図太いサウンドは捨てがたい。Made in U.S.A.のホンモノは高価だが、国産のコピーモデルなら…。

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The price of guitars varies widely from cheap ones (10,000 yen or 100 dollars) to expensive ones (one million yen or 10,000 dollars.) Of course, there are more expensive Gibson Les Paul Standards - but every model is dear for the young boy, for his guitar is not only a musical instrument, but also a powerful tool that can create his own future.
But if he practices hard to improve his skills and develop a sense of music, he might have a chance to attract people’s attention on stage and bask in the applause. He may also be an entirely new circumstance - he listens to unfamiliar sounds and music through exchanges with other musicians, helping him to widen the scope of his own music; the more he performs on stage, the greater recognition he can earn; dogged by fans, touted as a new star, he becomes confident and makes a debut as a professional guitarist; and if he succeeds in his carrier, it also always comes with big financial success.
This is how the best well-known guitarists today dreamed when they were young. They practiced hard enough to achieve their success. Meanwhile, thousands of, millions of young boys gave up their dream - some were faded into obscurity - and decided to lead one’s own life.

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Evoke Radiant Passion in Past


If you are not a teenager and have already reached a certain age, you may feel embarrassed to express your dream or hope. Some of you are “too grown” to be naive and may even become sarcastic. Others are so occupied with daily chores and become too tired from pursuing their own goals or may have a guilty conscious of being so.
With a dream and hope you can chart your course to follow. Imagine a situation where you stand alone with a guitar before a big audience filling the arena and impress them with sounds that no one but you can create. Thanks to your dream, you can make your efforts that keep you energetic and attractive even more.
Even if you can’t realize your dream or end up giving it up, you still can dream your next dream. That’s what the dream is all about. Never too late to have a dream. Why don’t you open up a guitar case which had lain dormant for years deep inside your memory. A whiff of previously encountered smell is enough to send the mind back to even the distant past and take you into a new world.
おそらくあなたの心の中、あなた自身が忘れかけているような意識の奥の薄暗い片隅に、古いギターケースがひっそりと眠っているはずだ。そろそろ積もった埃を払い、蓋を開けてみてはいかがだろうか? 遠い日に描いていた夢が、あの頃は違う美しい衣裳をまとって、あなたの目前に舞い降りてくるかもしれない。

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