Already Sunlight has become Luxury?


―The sun and rice will follow you anywhere.― I heard old artisan say this proverb some time ago. This is an old Japanese expression meaning that the job isn’t ideal, but at least you won’t starve if you are equipped with special skills.
Japan has boasted its traditions of craftsmanship and shown respect for people who dedicate their works. If there were armed with good skills, they didn’t have to worry about losing a job. Among old craftsmen, the spirit and pride embodied in the proverb ?do not keep one’s earnings overnight,? were considered stylish. They did not care for every day meal because they were confident about their skill. Such workmanship has been passed down through generations in Japan.
But for those living in the Heisei era, acquiring skills is not enough for living. In fact, the sun itself, does not follow you anywhere. In urban areas, in particular, people are hardly exposed to full sunlight in a day since they were caught in narrow streets between buildings―you can almost touch the exterior walls of the building next door when opening your southern window of your house. Imagine that you lie down on the floor in a room filled with sunlight through a window on a sunny winter day and enjoy dozing for a moment in a conformable warm blanket―a dream for many urban people today.

White interior/exterior gives rise to a sense of unity, reduces a feeling of pressure from the outside walls, making the room look wider and brighter.
In contrast, this house makes a difference. The white-based simple interior brightens the room, coupled with an open ceiling space in the corner of the living room, letting enough sunlight through the space. A glass-walled wide window from the ceiling to the floor is successfully creating a space with sunlight―making it unnecessary to use a heating system in winter―and ensures great conformability and luxury that are hard to come by for ordinary people.
This residence is one of the examples of comfortable living not only because it brings the sun inside through the big windows, but also because it ensures privacy for the owner by overcoming possible problems associated with the strength of the structure of the building.
Not only in the living room, but also in almost every room of the house, floor-to-ceiling window design permits the passage of light, creating a room filled with sunlight and a perfect feeling of freedom. But one problem is how to protect your privacy. The house is surrounded by the walls that prevent others from intervening. The height and position of the shields are carefully designed with a wide distance from the windows, easing a feeling of pressure for those living in the house. This is the result of the skills of the architect who successfully combined care, attention, consideration to detail to create a place where the luxury living comes to give life to people living in the house great comfort.

Connect People with People through Housing


When it comes to craftsmanship, most people instinctively associate it with manual labor that requires delicate, but outstanding works. We are also impressed by their amazing works― elaborate sculptures displayed in shrines and temples, and gold-relief lacquerware. But these kinds of skills do not always stand out, but are usually hidden and accept a role in supporting the total design.
The architect of this residence would have made utmost efforts to how to provide a balance between privacy and open space while permitting enough sunlight into the building―including considerations for the heights of other buildings adjacent to the house, the distance between the house and the exterior walls and the design/height of the walls―and put those ideas into a concrete form in drawing sheets. This carefully considered process made it possible to create the right design which meets all the requirements of the owner.
The Japanese have been experts in creating better products, in which artisans made tremendous efforts with their expertise. With their wisdom and knowledge, they create something valuable with their hands while maintain a good relationship with others. In today’s society some people concern over a reduced intimacy in people’s relationships. But in the society of Japanese artisans, there is an intimate human relationship that has survived through the ages.

Yoshihiro Kitamura, M.D.,
Kitamura Clinic
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