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If you love sports cars, you will appreciate Pagani models for sure. For many car enthusiasts who are always searching for excitement in cars, Pagani series have always been the symbol of exotic supercars since the release of Pagani Zonda in 1999. Pagani Automobili S.p.A launched a new model to replace the Zonda. It is named the Huayra which made a debut in 2011.
Horacio Pagani, who founded Pagani Automobili S.p.A., once worked with Lamborghini on numerous projects. It was more than 40 years ago when a number of supercars, very expensive fast foreign cars, enthralled Japanese auto fans, and Lamborghini’s Countach reached the apex of the celebration. Japan, then plunged into the “lost decades” approximately 20 years of long recessions, which were set off by the collapse of the country’s bubble economy. The county appears to be still reeling from the wound. In the meanwhile, those then-auto boys have grown up and also have had the ups and downs to know the essence of life. They may have become a bit too mature to get excited over a futuristic type of cars equipped with a wedge-shaped body.
Nevertheless, few people can resist being thrilled by the Pagani Huayra. Finished with a carbon fiber exposed body with dark shiny titanium parts and instrument panels that light the darkness in the cockpit, the Pagani Huayra stole the attention of car enthusiasts with its details. The Huayura installs a Mercedes-AMG 6.0 Liter V-12 engine, incorporating a seven-speed sequential gearbox. The Huayra, a piece of art, excels in performance, technology, and art.
それでもなお、このクルマを前にして鼓動の高ぶりを抑えられる者は少ないだろう。 全身を包むカーボンファイバー、鈍い輝きを放つチタニウムパーツ、コックピットの暗がりを照らすインストゥルメントパネル。パワートレインはAMGの6リッターV12、そこに7速シーケンシャルトランスミッションを組み合わせる。その外観はもちろん、メカニズムにおいてもまさにエキゾティックに過ぎる存在であることは間違いない。
Its controlling system is located centering on the steering wheel so that divers can concentrate and minimize the movement of the eyes.
Pagani Huayra パガーニ
ウアイラ zonda Pagani
Pagani Automotili is a builder, rather than a mass car manufacturer. The company offers custom-made cars that are tailored to the needs and preference of individual drivers, building quite a few numbers of one-off cars. Although it has basic formulas, the company has succeeded in manufacturing ideal cars for customers by adapting the behavior of each car to driver’s own style.
This is the ultimate experience for car owners who want to explore the thrill of an extreme track experience that include steering and shift knob feels. The company has exhibited a perfect synthesis of performance and aesthetics by blending customer’s satisfaction and its state-of-the-art technology, demonstrating an ideal craftsmanship that is based on mutual trust between car owners and Pagani.
Customization is a norm for the Huaya, so there are of course no “available” cars. Customers order their cars just exactly they want and must wait until their car parks in their driveway. The ultra-wealthy people around the world will come all the way to the company’s factory in Italy - normally fly in their private jets - to order their dream cars, but Pagani Automobili is able to produce only one car for each month due to its limited capacity. So they simply have to wait their turns - this is no exception for Arab superrich royals who want queue jumping by flashing money. This must be even more appealing for many other super car owners because they feel Pagani’s strong commitment to its quality. (To tell the truth, the Huayara costs more than 200 million yen, and there is no price cap for each car, which means the company accept further requests from customers who want more options once they have a turn ordering.)
Always Be Yourself, Enjoy Your Rich Life.

Pagani Huayra
パガーニ ウアイラ
Pagani zonda
You may appreciate things that are different from others and have a strong desire to prove that you are the only one, not one of them. But, at the same time, you may want to be yourself and create your own style that doesn’t mimic others in such settings as fashion, cars, workplace, and private life. This comes from your strong inner desire to realize your true pleasure and create an environment comfortable to you.
While you all know how difficult it is to stay true to yourself and live an honest life, you also know how it is wonderful to challenge your life. The owners of the Huayra appear to be enjoying the challenge they face and trying to embody the energy and powers of life.
You may not have a chance to grip the steering wheel of the exotic car, the Huayura, but you can learn something from the zeal, passion and enthusiasm that Pagani Automotili and its car owners demonstrate - the qualities that will make your life full of excitement and meaningful and continue to inspire you.
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